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Nintendo hates me: Why I am done with Nintendo.(UPDATED)

Update: After posting this and tweeting at Nintendo of America a few times about the issue with no reply, I ended up emailing their customer service with no reply as well. So I went today a returned the 3DSxl. I … Continue reading

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Successor to the Wii rumors flying: rumor round up and predictions.

Well did we call it in January or what? ” This is THE year a new console would be announced. Well, it looks like Nintendo is gearing up to announce the successor to the popular( among moms)  Wii console. This … Continue reading

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Funny Left 4 Dead voice mods!

If you have ever played left 4 dead, you learn quickly to dread some of the sounds the infected tend to make , and just after a few hours you quickly learn what moan and groan goes to which infected, … Continue reading

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New Xbox and Wii HD They are coming. Predictions and why it makes me nervous.

This year is THE year. One way or another a new console will be announced, or at least we should start hearing some believable rumors. With Sony sticking to the ps3 10 year life cycle, that leaves only two of the big … Continue reading

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TCN’s top Games of 2010 and Game of the year.

2010 was an amazing year for video gamers. We saw big titles that are usually held for fall release spread through out the year, making it hard to keep up. This is The Closet Nerd’s list of some of the … Continue reading

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Video Game Podcasts: The friend you never have to meet.

Every major video game website has a video game podcast. Matter of fact  podcasts are where I get most of my review information, news, and opinion from the journalists I trust. Over time, you do not just plug in and … Continue reading

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Print Review: Gameinformer

    Once upon a time, before computers were in every home, before iPhone, and iPads were everywhere, people had to read to get their information, and sometimes they even did it for entertainment. Game Informer Is one of the longest … Continue reading

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