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Nintendo hates me: Why I am done with Nintendo.(UPDATED)

Update: After posting this and tweeting at Nintendo of America a few times about the issue with no reply, I ended up emailing their customer service with no reply as well. So I went today a returned the 3DSxl. I … Continue reading

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Nintendoh! Miss steps with the 3DS.

So the video game world is all a buzz about Nintendo’s announcement this past week about the shocking price drop of the 3DS from $249.99 to $ 169.99 just four months after its launch.( and 20 free games for early … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3ds review. Yup it works.

Well, Its finally here! The day that would never come has arrived , and all over these here shores people are seeing Nintendo’s version of the future of handheld gaming. Out of the box: More than any other version of … Continue reading

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Next Gen Handhelds: The Breakdown.

Sony PSP2/PSP3/NGP/whatever they are going to call it. Price: 300 to a million dollars….this is Sony after all. Pros: PS3 graphics, 5 inch OLED capacitive multi touch screen which means amazing rez so those next gen graphics will look beautiful, … Continue reading

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TCN’s top Games of 2010 and Game of the year.

2010 was an amazing year for video gamers. We saw big titles that are usually held for fall release spread through out the year, making it hard to keep up. This is The Closet Nerd’s list of some of the … Continue reading

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Five games that made me wish I had a Wii

I was one of the first to pick up Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii video game console, but after a few months I quickly realized that Nintendo was not offering me the experiences I wanted, with its family oriented mini game collections. Now that … Continue reading

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Evolution of the game controller.

With the Kinect launch for Xbox 360 just around the corner we take an in depth look on the evolution of the video game controller.

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