Nintendo 3ds review. Yup it works.

Well, Its finally here! The day that would never come has arrived , and all over these here shores people are seeing Nintendo’s version of the future of handheld gaming.


Out of the box: More than any other version of the DS the 3DS feels loaded with features, and yet it still feels lacking. If you are one of the many that felt the game line up was a bit weak, don’t worry, I think you can get by for a bit on what the 3DS has to offer as soon as you power it up.

  • You get:
  • 6 ChARacter AR game cards for AR gaming.
  • Face Raiders AR game preloaded
  • standard DS menu apps like music editor.
  • New game notes app.
  • of course a pictures app, but in 3d!
  • activity log for pedometer that awards coins for every 100 steps taken
  • download play for playing others with a DS
  • mii maker
  • mii plaza for street pass

Taking pictures with the 3DS is actually fun, only because of the 3d effect which can get annoying when trying to adjust your pictures into 3d images.

The AR games are the killer app here, this was the one thing that made me go “ok, this is something I have not done yet.” Nintendo is not the first to do AR, but the combination of the AR and 3d screen really pull this off in a big and fun way.

Face Raiders is a good way to kill some time, in 3d however, with all that moving you will find your eyes constantly trying to readjust to the 3d image, so I just turned the 3d off and found it much more fun as a game.

The Mii maker is fun and works as advertised, making a mii with a picture of yourself. Your mii will need some adjusting after to get it just right, still fun. The best part here is you can turn images into QR codes, Which might just be the inner nerd in me, but I found that the most appealing.


My mii made on 3ds, into a QR

With the 3DS you are gonna get the standard charger, but the best part is the nice dock for the DS, more than anything it just looks nice, and it nice to have a designated spot for your system.

The 3DS itself: Much like the first gen of the DS this thing is kind of ugly. Nintendo uses three shades of black on my black model, and a fading effect on the lid. From the side it looks like three separate pieces stacked, all of which are different colors. If you hold it up to the light,you can see that the outside of the top is translucent, which adds to the insanity.

three layers, three colors

The top lid is bigger than the bottom half and just looks strange. The back is glossy like the rest of the system and I would have liked to have seen a flat textured back like the DSixl. On the back you can see the screws which detracts from the sleek look they were going for, and the top cartridge  slot looks like metal on both models, but is just painted plastic.

3ds card slot

This thing is small, which is hard to get used to if you are coming from the DSixl like I am. The 3ds fits into my old DSi case and actually seems a little smaller. I would have liked to seen it a little bigger (with my adult hands and all.) but I am sure the big N is working on that for 3DSxl.

mii maker screen

SLIDERS SLIDERS SLIDERS EVERYWHERE ARE BACK! you get one for the 3d, volume and the wifi! Which this time around is much much easier to access which is a HUGE improvement over previous models.

3ds and ar cards

The circle pad feels really really nice, much better than the psp thumb numb. but its placement really hurts the D-pad. Using the D-pad feels more natural in menu navigation, but feels bad due to its corner placement under the circle pad. Playing Street Fighter 4 3d I keep wanting to use the D-pad but can’t due to the awful placement, and the circle pad does not feel right either, which I hope Nintendo finds a way to make both feel more natural in future games.

Home button

The select. home, and Start buttons at the bottom of the screen might take a bit to get used to. I keep wanting to hit the power button to exit apps, and for select. Hopefully nothing a little time with the system will not fix.


The Screens are different sizes, which is not as distracting as I thought. Considering I am concentrating on the top for the 3d I see why I might not pay attention to the size difference. What I do pay attention to however is just how small both screens feel. Things feel a bit cramped at times, in both games and 3ds menu navigation.

mARio AR cARd figure action ( see what I did there?)

The Verdict:

Overall the new 3Ds seems solid, with some flaws. The 3d effect totally works and is a huge WOW factor, and will be fun showing off to friends, but its obvious the 3d was shoehorned in. ( not to mention Nintendo admitted 3d was a last second feature) After a few hours you will be turning that 3d all the way OFF, and perhaps be taking Advil for the headaches.

3ds can read more than one character AR card

The Battery in this is no joke. Nintendo wants you to take this machine with you like you do your phone, they use incentives like street pass, and the pedometer coin system, mii collecting for mii plaza  to keep it in your pocket. Whats the point with a 3-4 hour battery life? Its going to take all the power saving tricks in the world to keep this going through a school or work day, a definite NO NO.

You can rotate and change character poses!(actual pic from a 3ds )

The 3ds has no online store, so you will have to wait to get all those old GameBoy games you have been drooling over. Why they would not want to have a store ready for millions of eager new 3ds owners is beyond me. It also seems the internet browser is missing, but considering Nintendo’s past with horrible browsers , I am most likely not missing anything.

More poses!

Much like the DS I think it is just going to take sometime for this system to reach its full potential, This is not a day one buy, with lacking features and lackluster game lineup. What the console comes packed with does pack a punch, and offers tons of fun, and plenty of gee whizz moments. We give 3ds a B+  Now give me my Marios!

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Next Gen Handhelds: The Breakdown.

Sony PSP2/PSP3/NGP/whatever they are going to call it.


Price: 300 to a million dollars….this is Sony after all.

Pros: PS3 graphics, 5 inch OLED capacitive multi touch screen which means amazing rez so those next gen graphics will look beautiful, and no stylus when you are in the middle of game play. Twin true analog sticks. Innovative back touch pad that Sony showed off playing Little Deviants that let you interact with a game in a way I have never see before. Front and rear camera, Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope,
three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass. Bluetooth, gps, wi-fi, and 3g. Sony Suite support! If you wanna do it, you can with this Ferrari of portables.

Cons: Lets face it Sony’s hand held support is next to awful, if you bought a PSP go you know all about that. Sony is going after a lot of audiences here, They of course want a chunk in that upcoming 3ds market, and i phone market. With the NGP being capable of just about everything, the cost of this thing could be the deal breaker, along with the cost of development on the games. Current console games cost around 25 million to develop an “OK” title, even more for those AAA block busters. So if this thing is capable of PS3 graphics that means studios could be looking at 25 million for a handheld title? Which means games for this thing could cost 60 big old dollars, and that price could potentially kill off a studio if a title flops, or push developers to competing portable consoles like iphone,ipod,ipad,and 3ds. Sony needs to have that Apple app store to bring in low cost titles that are more casual, and to reinforce a divided price point strategy to lure in those more casual gammers who are afraid of the price that this thing could bring, but as history has proven Sony has a way to go with any type of online support for their handheld.

The Breakdown: It was smart of Sony to announce this thing in the middle of all the 3ds hoopla. Not only did Sony pick a good time to announce, it actually offered a compelling product with many features gamers have been clamoring for. The price is going to be key, not only the price of the system but for the games as well, as Apple has disrupted the market which has left Sony and Nintendo scrambling to find an answer to the .99 cent and up price point for mobile games. Also this system along with the 3ds asks the question is this the experience gamers are looking for on a handheld? Would I want to play a AAA type game on the go? Or would I end up on the couch playing Uncharted on my NGP when I could just play it on my PS3? Either way Sony has actually offered a compelling piece of hardware that lets me do things in gaming I never have before.

Nintendo 3Ds


Price: $249.99

Pros: 3d screen with no glasses, all while keeping the DS form factor that everyone has grown to love, with the addition of a thumb numb. Gamecube/Wii graphics in the palm of your hands. Promise of a revamped online store and better online support, and the good ole first party Nintendo titles with the characters and gameplay innovation you have come to expect over the years. Three cameras and gyroscopes for motion gameplay.

Cons: Although Nintendo promises better DS ware support, the new Nintendo store for game downloads for the 3DS will not be available at launch. The screen is not exactly state of the art when it comes to resolution either, not even comparing to the last generation iphone screen, and this could be an issue considering the screen will be pushing 3d on top of more powerful graphics. Nintendo also decided to pass up the capacitive touch screen to once again go with the resistive touch screen of all pervious models, which means you do not want to keep up with that stylus again. (its the future here Nintendo! get ya screens right!) which has already become notably problematic for many trying out some of the new 3ds games….speaking of. The launch line up leaves a bit to be desired, and with the rumor that these games could cost $40-$50 the 3DS is running into the same dev cost problem that the new Sony handheld is looking at, but instead of developers running to Sony, they could easily run from Nintendo to go make games on the cheaper iphone platform.

The Breakdown: The 3DS stirs up some of the same skepticism that the DS did five years ago, which means the 3DS will more than likely win the world over all over again. But the biggest issue is the 3ds screen. Is the 3d anything more than a gimmick? are games just going to shoehorn 3d in and have nothing to do with gameplay? Nintendo has not really answered these questions. Most games 3d feature can be turned off, so are we paying for neat trick the screen can do? Is 3d the future of gaming?(nope) are you as sick of the term 3d as I am?(yup) Hopefully Nintendo realizes that Apple has become a true competitor in the handheld space, more so than even Sony . Because I got tired of buying a $30 dollar games on my DSi xl to later find it on my ipod for .99 cents. Which is why my DS library is a total 7 games, and my ipod is full.

Apple iphone,ipod,ipad.

iphone 4

price: $199-$500

Pros: The app store is perhaps the easiest way to buy games on any platform outside of Steam. Want a game, look it up on the device, download the free version, and then if you like it buy it right off the store…easy. All of these devices are super easy to use and get more powerful on a yearly basis. TONS of games for every type of gamer, ranging from rpg, to classic remakes, casual puzzles, its all here. affordable games, you can get some titles that cost $30 on other platforms . These devices also do way more than just game, and unlike Sony and Nintendo they do them well. Its easy to use, download and covert all types of media on the portable apple devices.

CONS: The app store for all its good is almost impossible to find all the types of games it has to offer easily. Most people cycle and download the top 10 sometimes for months, so searching for gems can be difficult. For all its ease, the ouch screen can get in the way of gaming.. literally with thumbs and fingers always on screen, its easy t get in the way of the action, as some developers look to port titles and add on on screen button interfaces. Apple also does not develop games, so sometimes if you are just craving a God of War, or Mario title, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

The Breakdown: Apple is everywhere, and so are you. iphone/ipod, are the best way to have your cake and eat it too as a device that you can game on and use for every thing else.Though all the games are not on this platform yet, there are many must haves here you can not find on the others. Besides its also less embarrassing to be in public playing games on your iphone, because at least someone can assume you are checking your email.

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Funny Left 4 Dead voice mods!

If you have ever played left 4 dead, you learn quickly to dread some of the sounds the infected tend to make , and just after a few hours you quickly learn what moan and groan goes to which infected, and you end up screaming BOOMER! SMOKER! TANK!

So what can make this better or worse? Well some have replaced those dreaded sounds with some often Hilarious ones, and still at times disturbing.

Macho Man zombies! credit to- JerryAtrick83

Bill Cosby infected! (listen for the zip zop zibby bop) credit to-wedunneedbadgers

Michael Jackson Infected soundpack Credit to-ImHellucard

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New Xbox and Wii HD They are coming. Predictions and why it makes me nervous.

This year is THE year. One way or another a new console will be announced, or at least we should start hearing some believable rumors. With Sony sticking to the ps3 10 year life cycle, that leaves only two of the big three left to make that big expensive move.

Why does this make me nervous? Never before in a consoles life cycle have I been more invested. I own a 360, and I bought in to Microsoft’s promise of a multi media living room center piece. I use it for DVD, Netflixs, gaming, chatting, espn, and more. The xbox replaced my cable bill. It just makes me sick to think we could be moving forward, I have tons of games, plus this brand new Kinect camera I hope we have barely scratched the surface of potential of.

The xbox “720”

Well what would you call it?

The xbox 360 has been around since 2005 , which is makes it a little overdue for an upgrade. But the 360 has plenty of life left in it, games continue to look graphically better every year. Features of the xbox are still industry leading and compelling, With Kinect breathing new life into the xbox life cycle and Hulu Plus being added around April, why do we think an upgrade is around the corner?  These days seems like other than Kinect Microsoft looks quiet. Seems like Microsoft is pouring all their resources into something big, and its not Kinect. They are saying its taking 5 months alone to add Kinect support into Netflixs, a sure sigh resources are being spent somewhere else. With game budgets for modest games on current hardware ranging around pile of 20 million dollar bills, an upgrade would be really risky for Microsoft, or any company for that matter.

What would the new xbox be?

Good question. Kinect will definitely still be apart of the next xbox . Most new consoles are defined by a substantial graphic upgrade., but not in the upcoming generation. Graphics are being pushed every year on current hardware, sure a graphics can have smoother frame rates ,smoother textures, but thats not where the sell points are going to be this time around. The next consoles are going to have bigger processors for faster loading, multimedia conversion, streaming of games , music and movies. You are going to see huge hard drives for all the saving and new apps you are going to be enjoying soon in the future. You are going to see the xbox become a complete hub of media conversion.

Wii HD

waggle in HD!

Nintendo has lead sells this generation, and found a way into homes where gaming consoles were hardly found. Still delivering amazing first party Nintendo classics , but losing core gamers with a slew of party games and mini collections. Hardware sales power the Wii, but software sales are the life blood of a console, and Nintendo needs a transfusion.

What will the Big N think of next?

Nintendo is tricky. What Nintendo has to do is pretty clear at this point.With lagging sales of the Wii, and current excitement in Nintendo’s next hand held is not going unnoticed by Nintendo big wigs, Nintendo needs a new console.The tricky part is it is nearly impossible to predict what they will try or do next. The Wii took everyone by surprise and everyone by storm. But to simply think Nintendo will just add HD graphics to the Wii is a definite underestimation of Nintendo. More than anything Nintendo is torn, continue chasing the mass appeal of the Wii audience? or play catch up and try to regain the core audience? Nintendo will have to find a way to better implement their online store, online gaming, apps, chat,and well anything do to with the internet. Nintendo and the internet to not play well together. Graphics update will be a major issue for Nintendo, along with finding a way to affectively streamline online usage into a user friendly environment.

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TCN’s top Games of 2010 and Game of the year.

2010 was an amazing year for video gamers. We saw big titles that are usually held for fall release spread through out the year, making it hard to keep up. This is The Closet Nerd’s list of some of the top games I was playing through 2010, leading up to our pick of Game of the year.

7.Infinity Blade(iphone/ipod touch)

Yeah thats on iphone!

This one just came out for iphone and ipod touch, but if this came out in 2011, I am sure it would pop on my list still. This game has a mix of point and click style gameplay, with RPG, and hack and slash elements. This game looks like a next gen title in the palm of your hand all for SIX BUCKS! The level up system is fun and the sword game play is very addictive, and the visuals are amazing! I have never thought I could have this kind of gaming experience on an iphone, and the fact that I did just proves as we move into 2011, the mobile gaming landscape is indeed changing.

5.Dance Central(xbox 360 Kinect)

you will not look this cool playing this.

Sure the music genre is dying, sure this is a dance game, sure its for Kinect, but this was a fun new way to play! Dance Central hands down was the go to game in the Kinect launch. From the start menu you know right away you are in for something different, and thats what gamers of all kinds crave.Sure you feel dumb at first, but all the fun this title offers far out weights the embarrassment  of droppin it to Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It.

4.Tilt to Live ( iphone/ipap/ipod touch)

This is what crack looks like! sweet sweet nose bleeds!

This game has been my Jam since it came out. You see me waiting in line, I’m tilt’n. See me on break at work, I’m tilt’n. Between classes, I’m tilt’n I LOVE THIS GAME. Tilt to Live is simple and addicting, this was the game I sank more hours into than any other this year.

3.Super Meat Boy (xbox live/pc)

punishing and I loved it.

This game was punishing and I loved it! SMB pays homage to the 8bit era  of gaming with punishing platforming. You have to precisely time jumps, memorize pitfalls, slide up walls , down walls, avoid saws, and unlock secret worlds.You will die a lot, but the way SMB automatically restarts the player is what keep the momentum going, and seeing all your failed attempts at once at the end of the level is super satisfying. I crave platformers and this meaty bad boy more than satisfied that craving. One of the best downloadable titles on Xbox this year, hands down.

2.Red Dead Redemption (xbox/ps3)

This is where we start making hard decisions. This game being number two on my game of the year list was tough, but being number 2 comes down to one point. I DID NOT FINISH THIS GAME. I fell into the old Rockstar/GTA pattern. I get gamer A.D.D. at the expansive worlds and endless possibilities in the world, as a result I sort of forget story progression, or get angry that I have been doing hours of pointless side missions. Regardless , Red Dead is a feast for the senses. Though its the GTA4 engine, this games shines. Riding your horse across the vast dessert immerses you in the setting like very few games can. I am not a fan of westerns, but this game impressed me and made me long to be a cowboy. Descent writing, believable characters, stunning visuals, amazing score, and hours and hours of game play make Red Dead Redemption a must play experience.

1.Alan Wake(Xbox)

Alan Wake also perfected Product placement!

Not quite the underdog, but definatly a darling. My pick for game of the year 2010 is Alan Wake. Alan Wake is one of the best games many have not played. When Alan Wake was set to release, Red Dead Redemption moved its release date right on top of Alan Wake’s. Remedy studios (games developer) decided that moving the games release after a long developing cycle might hurt the sales, boy were they wrong. Red Dead Redemption sucked the life out of all the other games released that week, and Alan Wake was just another victim.

Alan Wake for me resonated due to my love for horror movies, and the game industry lack of new horror titles. Alan wake is like playing an episode of the Twilight Zone, and you get to control the character and make those last second choices that you usually scream out during a horror movie.When I started this game it just stuck with me, I could not put it down until I beat it.

The games unique game mechanic that had Alan fighting off ghost like shadow people by using light. The world of Alan Wake feels so real, with its beautiful graphics ( Some of the best I have seen) and haunting sounds. The attention to detail  is amazing in the environments and aid in the immersion. The game is tense and no other experience this year made me feel as though I was actually in those woods fighting for my life.

This game was far from perfect, strange facial animation, and a sometimes less than thrilling story  could sometimes distract, butt no other game this year stuck with me or got me thinking about stocking up on batteries like Alan Wake.

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Hyperkin KO Universal Fight Stick By:Alan Orange

Hyperkin KO Fighting Stick (Playstation 2 , 3, and PC)

Hi, I’m Alan. Heres a lot of words on this and that.

I grew up with visits to the arcade. My grade school pals, and I would spend each others birthday’s at arcades. Mowing through tokens on classics like X-Men: The Arcade Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter. I know its hard to tell, but the market for arcade gaming was huge in the united states. The cabinets usually displayed some of the most advanced programming for audio and visual presentation and lured flocks into tightly nit and dimly lit pool halls turned coin operated gaming rooms .
The atmosphere of an arcade sets the tone of a true arcade experience. But a big chunk of what is happening inside the arcade is your weapon, the joystick panel of the cabinet that your wrestling with, shifting like some sort modified manual geared street racing/rum running vehicle. For the most part you can pound those pushbuttons to a pulp. These cabinets are built to handle abuse (luckily, for the legion of button mashing world record holders of classic arcades games such as; Galaga, Astroids, Centipede, 1942, Donkey Kong, and Ghost & Goblins)
The classic machines taunt you with almost insane difficulty at higher levels requiring world class reaction speed and timing. Especially. approaching a memory data run-off known in the championship arcade arena as a “Kill Screen”. Essentially playing the game to its limits of its CPU capacity. A Donkey Kong kill screen is featured in the epic documentary; The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters. For any experienced arcade player you know what to expect from a joystick controller. It was Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise that kept the arcade alive for the better part of the nineties, along with the Tekken franchise. Its the only arcade spawn left in today’s high tech home console world. So people are still making and buying these sticks.
Fighting games seemed to be tailor made for a arcade atmosphere. Seeing it as though the competitive nature of the arcade that’s existed since the birth of the idea, is more concentrated and pulled directly into focus in the fighting game genre. Two individuals investing time and money on a machine to compete to see who’s the best. It just seems to put more excitement into the experience. These days the internet replicates a similar environment but its not as human or as intense as being in public and actually around someone seeing it “go down”. Also, very few people even understood the mechanics of the boards of the cabinets, so no patch, or file hacking going on in a arcade. Enough of that, you get it, On to the stick.

I got this for Christmas. I always wanted a stick since I was a kid in the arcade. The fact that its compatible with three different platforms is a victory for the stick itself(the more expensive builds are only built for one specific platform, but you can purchase inexpensive adapters for pretty much any system). The patent for this particular design is pending as indicated by the multitude of different companies branding it. Just Google Universal Fight Stick. Here’s a run through of its details.

*8 mounted to PCB push-buttons
*Square gate restricted micro-switch activated joystick (Cherry Ball Top)
(One of the major benefits of joystick analog controls is the ability to rotate and perform intricate movements for your character on screen. Useful for one on one brawls in Tekken or Street Fighter as an example. Most folks prefer the octagonal restriction for even more precision (joystick space) as featured on Capcom’s machines.)
*The Plug n Play USB works as advertised and works extremely well with my emulators.
I highly suggest that(when you do fire up emulators with your stick) you give Castlevania 4 a shot , it works incredibly well. Since you can hold and rotate your whip to vanquish the creatures of the night. It adds a new exciting dimension to the game. Donkey Kong 94’ for the gameboy is a legit underdog contender for one of the greatest handheld titles of all time. The actual sequel to the arcade franchise Donkey Kong. Featured the first 4 levels of the original and then it becomes something more unique than its original cousin. it’s a fast paced Mario game that requires skill in plat forming, and puzzle solving.
*USB & PS2 on one cable

Again, the controls with the stick and whatever layout you choose to use with your emulator, responds as well as you want it. And it surprisingly feels close enough to an arcade.
For a beginners stick, its well made, and has the features that warrant a $25 price tag. The unit has a bit of weight to it thanks to a small slab of metal at the base housed in a durable plastic case. (Good to rest on your lap)
This stick doesn’t feature the high end Japanese Sanwa stock parts(most sticks of that nature are in the range of 80-300 dollars and are built to the t as the joystick panels on a cabinet), so the KO is a little noisy and clicky in comparison to the more clean, efficient, and durable Sanwa set-up. Since this stick is mounted by solder on the PCB board, modding will require more work than most. Don’t let it fool you though, you can get a lot of mileage on this starter stick. There is also a rubber hand rest. Given the button layout it actually provides a nice service. The click of the joystick itself can be useful in knowing where the rotation is at during a heated battle. It is encouraged that folks experiment with holding positions of the joystick. I prefer a wine glass position for the joystick. I rest my thumb on the top and use it to guide rotation. While I have the shaft, pole, whatever of the stick gripped in between my middle and index fingers.

To bring it to  a conclusion. Arcades was a heavily fun/prosperous at a point in US gaming history, as well as globally(Japan’s arcades are still going strong). The stick is not as cheap feeling as it looks. You can probably get about 3 to 6 months of consistent button mashing, before the buttons start to stick. Works flawlessly for my PS2 and PC needs, and eventually for all the PS3 interests. The average price for em’ is $20-$30, go get one.

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Flying Attack R/C Megazord Review. Do not buy edition.

So It might be a bit early to be getting presents for Chirstmas already, but a good friend picked up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flying megazord for me, and although this was not something I had planned on adding to my collection, I happily accepted.

This should have been the 2010 Power Morpher. SIGH

First off, out of the box this thing feels fragile. The Megazord figure itself is about 4 or 5 inches tall and is made out of Styrofoam, and considering this is a flying and mostly “crashing” toy feels a bit sketchy from the start. The figure is poorly painted for those accurate collectors, but what do you expect from Bandai America these days? The chest has a LED light charge port and on and off switch.

The remote is sturdy and required 6 AA batteries. The remote has a throttle control, steering control, channel switch  and a trimming control switch. The remote contains a charging cord that is housed in a compartment where you will find the MMPR 2010 logo sticker slapped on top.

The dramatic reenactment of me playing with this toy.

Playing with the toy.

I am not really versed in flying R/C toys, so this was a little bit to adjust to. The directions say to lightly adjust throttle to get lift off and you should be able to adjust power to control Megazord….this was not the case. The throttle really needs to be all the way to get the toy to lift off the ground, which leads to fast crashes, with no time to adjust throttle or Trimming for balance, and because the megazord is so top heavy due to where the motor is place, the toy always flys frantically forward into walls or whatever else stands in its way.

Really I knew this was going to be awful, (WHY BANDAI WHY?) but it was worth a shot, by pass this $44 piece of crap and buy yourself the reissue 2010 Megazord or Titanus if your a ranger fan. If your not a Ranger fan but into flying R/C toys, get an air hogs toy or something that at least resembles a aircraft of sorts. Still another reason why MMPR fans are left scratching their heads at the 2010 MMPR line of toys. Why did they skip out of the basics like , Original Power Morpher, Dragon Zord, Rita figure, or 6 inch figures, and replace it with gimmick toys like this flying turd, and those Ben 10 mix and match toys is beyond me.

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