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Funny Left 4 Dead voice mods!

If you have ever played left 4 dead, you learn quickly to dread some of the sounds the infected tend to make , and just after a few hours you quickly learn what moan and groan goes to which infected, … Continue reading

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First TCN podcast way longer than 5 mins! oops!

Just some friends bonding and talking about common interests.The first ever TCN podcast featuring totally bad audio, but insightful cometary on.Kinect,NES turning, 25Mario turning 25,Ninja Turtles, fat sonic, skinny sonic, molested sonic,and other nonsense in horrible fashion. Featuring your host, The … Continue reading

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I’M ON A BOAT! Kinect edition.

Xbox 360 plans to get into the motion control arena this November 4th with their Kinect 3D inferred motion sensor camera. Kinect mounts to your TV and when connected to your Xbox 360 allows players to actually interact with their games … Continue reading

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In celebration! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

The new long over due 3D Castlevania game hit the shelves today. I unfortunately   was in class and at work today so I had to skip the launch, but I now have a project for fall break. Regress completely and play this game … Continue reading

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