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Nintendo hates me: Why I am done with Nintendo.(UPDATED)

Update: After posting this and tweeting at Nintendo of America a few times about the issue with no reply, I ended up emailing their customer service with no reply as well. So I went today a returned the 3DSxl. I … Continue reading

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Nintendoh! Miss steps with the 3DS.

So the video game world is all a buzz about Nintendo’s announcement this past week about the shocking price drop of the 3DS from $249.99 to $ 169.99 just four months after its launch.( and 20 free games for early … Continue reading

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TCN Podcast ep 2: Don’t Go Down That Road!

We are back! In this episode we are talking movies, specifically the 1989 classic Pet Sematary! Kenn Glenn and Rob Davis breakdown this horror film in all its comedic glory, by breakdown the warning signs, the bad choices made , and we … Continue reading

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The Toy box: The Power Morpher

Every fandom has them, that one piece of merchandise or memorabilia that directly connects the fan to the series, or the series characters, or perhaps to their childhood, or more simple time in their life. Star Wars collectors have the original Kenner figures, … Continue reading

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E3 2011 day one: What stood out.

Well day one of E3 2011 is over, and the keynotes for two of the big three are in the books, and from what I saw from Microsoft and Sony, I am very excited. Which is strange seeing this is … Continue reading

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Call of the Dead: So Nerdy, I will get it.

I have never EVER purchased a Call of Duty game, its never been my thing…until I saw the trailer for this DLC for Call of Duty :Black ops. Buffy, Freddy Kruger, and George Romero. YES! YES! YES! Check out the trailer.

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Successor to the Wii rumors flying: rumor round up and predictions.

Well did we call it in January or what? ” This is THE year a new console would be announced. Well, it looks like Nintendo is gearing up to announce the successor to the popular( among moms)  Wii console. This … Continue reading

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