Nintendo hates me: Why I am done with Nintendo.(UPDATED)


Update: After posting this and tweeting at Nintendo of America a few times about the issue with no reply, I ended up emailing their customer service with no reply as well. So I went today a returned the 3DSxl. I decided I do have a choice when it comes to handheld gaming, and until Nintendo can adopt better digital distribution practices as well as better customer service practices I will no long be a customer. When asked why I was returning the device The customer service ssociate at Walmart asked what was they problem with the device. I said “Nintendo hates me. other than that the device is fine.” She laughed.

I gave up owning a Nintendo home console, and decided I would get my fix with the DS. I loved my DSi and DSiXL. It gave me everything I was missing from my xbox experience, which was mainly Nintendo first party titles and side scrolling platform games.So when the successor to my beloved DS was announced I was first in line to preorder the 3DS. Now I am not a rich person, still a college student with limited funds, so in order to get my 3DS I traded my DSiXL to Gamestop for a $100 towards my 3DS.

I liked the 3DS a lot, I did have to get used to the reduced size from my xl and the 3d hurt my head but these were all minor things. The thing I loved most was the opportunity by buy virtual console games on the new eshop. I bought all the Gameboy titles I used to own. Then Nintendoh! announced a radical price drop that upset many of us who forked over the $250 for the new handheld. But to make up for it Nintendo gave us 20 free games known as the Ambassador Program. Nintendo then launched a steller lineup of games like Mario Kart 7, and my favorite Mario 3D Land. But as usual soon after Nintendo announced the 3DSXL that everyone seen coming from a mile away.

I knew I had to have this new version of the system, me being a grown a$$ man needed the bigger size for my grown man hands. So me again still not being a rich man ( still in college) sold my 3DS to get the 3DSXl. I did everything to prepare for my new system. I did everything Nintendo and the internet told me to do, which was backup all my downloaded games on my SD card in order to transfer to my new system. Makes sense right, after all thats what every other SD car does right? Well not if you are Nintendo.

So there I am with my shiny new system and the new Mario Game with my SD card all ready to get all my games and my portable gaming life back on track and nothing happens. Transfer all the files and nothing happens. So I called Nintendo and they tell me I have to have my original system…..makes sense I guess if this was 2002. Why aren’t all my ambassador games and games purchased on the eshop tied to my eshop account? So the representative asked if I still had the old 3DS still, I explained to him the being poor thing. He asked if I could verify my credit card info to pull up my eshop info and he read off all they games I bought and said there was nothing he could do, but would forward my case and perhaps they could refund the money I spent on games to purchase them again and Nintendo would call me back to let me know what they could do for me, their loyal customer.

I got that call today and the rep on the phone basically said “sucks for you”. I mean my losing my ambassador games sucks but what about the games I actually paid for? They explained that all that was tied to a device….I explained that that should not matter you know I paid for it, I wiped my last 3DS clean so some other sucker could buy games on their screwed up platform, give me my games. The answer was no, its in your user agreement. GOT ME THERE NINTENDO!

I have bought two Ipods, an iphone4s, and two Ipads and every time I simply plugged them in and all my music, pictures, apps and purchases transfered to my new device every single time.  I have had three Xbox 360 consoles and every time all my data including purchased games transfered.The reason why Nintendo? Because we live in the future where data is tied to accounts and not a device. We also live in a time where customer service is the biggest part of brand loyalty Nintendo. I mean its not like I do not have options out there. *Cough Vita Cough* *Cough Apple Cough* The fact that a company that digital distributes content and has not found a better way to support the customers who paid for this content when they buy a new Nintendo product is absurd and careless customer service. Even scarier to think that the Wii U will too offer downloadable  content to customers in the near future. Are all their DLC, and virtual console games going to be tied to that device as well?

Nintendo is apart of my gaming nerd past. It has continuously shaped my taste in games over the years and I have been a fairly loyal customer. I mean buying four hand held consoles from them in five years seems pretty loyal to me (Around $800 dollars worth of loyalty) including software to boot. And if Nintendo has nothing better to offer people like me nothing more than “We have got bad news for you.” Then my wallet no longer opens for them.I know I am not alone, there have to be others out there that traded their 3DS system for the 3DSXl who have lost all their downloaded content as well, and as someone who is about to be n the advertising field I find that horrifying. That is bad branding, bad marketing, and bad customer service.

So until Nintendo can fix this problem with the way they handle content purchased on their system I will no longer purchase products from Nintendo.Until they can educate customers on the ways they handle the content they purchase from Nintendo electronically I will no longer hang out with Mario. I will be taking my brand new 3DSXl wrapping it back up and taking it back to the retailer I purchased it from. I will hand them the device and the receipt and when they ask if there was anything wrong with the item I will say “Why yes, Nintendo hates me, and no longer wants me as a customer.”

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