Successor to the Wii rumors flying: rumor round up and predictions.

Well did we call it in January or what? ” This is THE year a new console would be announced. Well, it looks like Nintendo is gearing up to announce the successor to the popular( among moms)  Wii console. This news comes at no surprise, Nintendo is longer over due to the HD market, and with slumping sales its about time to pull that trigger and get the next generation going. Early this week rumors that Nintendo was about to drop the price of the Wii to $150 were followed by a $160 temporary price drop this week. When you look at Nintendo’s history when a new handheld hits the shelf (3ds), and new console is soon to follow.

maybe not a Wii 2 after all?

Multiple sources are saying the console is in the works and it will be announced at or before E3 2011. Some reports say the console dubbed “project Cafe” is said to be equipped with the same guts as the Xbox 360, others say it will be more powerful than the current generation. But like the Wii the buzz is around the controller. Rumors of HD touch screens, gyroscopes , and cameras have been flying around. The controller rumors sounds like a mix between the Dreamcast and if you turned a 3DS into a controller. Some rumors suggest the controller will be able Nintendo’s new 3ds AR technology into home console games. The system is said to be backwards compatible with the Wii and you will be able to use the systems controller as the sensor bar for the Wii controller.

The timing of the rumors are not a surprise but the nature of them are. The console so far sounds like Nintendo is singing a balcony sonnet to the western gaming audience. Nintendo looks like they are trying to give every “hardcore” gamer what they have been wanting, more so it sound like they have been listening to the fan boys screaming for “hardcore ” Nintendo. Other reports say Nintendo is saying they are wanting to sperate this console away from the Wii as much as possible in the eyes of the audience, and perhaps just as importantly in the eyes of the third party developers who  struggled making money on Nintendo’s popular system.

So as E3 gets closer the question will be exactly what “project cafe” will be. Will Nintendo throw a curveball and focus on the “hardcore” segment? Or will they go for “gimmick” after all? I see Nintendo going with the segment the created, be supporting both the Wii and the new console as two separate consoles, one for the Moms,Children, and families. And for the ones who have been screaming for over five years for HD experiences with Nintendo franchises. Either way this year and E3 just got more interesting.

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