Nintendo 3ds review. Yup it works.

Well, Its finally here! The day that would never come has arrived , and all over these here shores people are seeing Nintendo’s version of the future of handheld gaming.


Out of the box: More than any other version of the DS the 3DS feels loaded with features, and yet it still feels lacking. If you are one of the many that felt the game line up was a bit weak, don’t worry, I think you can get by for a bit on what the 3DS has to offer as soon as you power it up.

  • You get:
  • 6 ChARacter AR game cards for AR gaming.
  • Face Raiders AR game preloaded
  • standard DS menu apps like music editor.
  • New game notes app.
  • of course a pictures app, but in 3d!
  • activity log for pedometer that awards coins for every 100 steps taken
  • download play for playing others with a DS
  • mii maker
  • mii plaza for street pass

Taking pictures with the 3DS is actually fun, only because of the 3d effect which can get annoying when trying to adjust your pictures into 3d images.

The AR games are the killer app here, this was the one thing that made me go “ok, this is something I have not done yet.” Nintendo is not the first to do AR, but the combination of the AR and 3d screen really pull this off in a big and fun way.

Face Raiders is a good way to kill some time, in 3d however, with all that moving you will find your eyes constantly trying to readjust to the 3d image, so I just turned the 3d off and found it much more fun as a game.

The Mii maker is fun and works as advertised, making a mii with a picture of yourself. Your mii will need some adjusting after to get it just right, still fun. The best part here is you can turn images into QR codes, Which might just be the inner nerd in me, but I found that the most appealing.


My mii made on 3ds, into a QR

With the 3DS you are gonna get the standard charger, but the best part is the nice dock for the DS, more than anything it just looks nice, and it nice to have a designated spot for your system.

The 3DS itself: Much like the first gen of the DS this thing is kind of ugly. Nintendo uses three shades of black on my black model, and a fading effect on the lid. From the side it looks like three separate pieces stacked, all of which are different colors. If you hold it up to the light,you can see that the outside of the top is translucent, which adds to the insanity.

three layers, three colors

The top lid is bigger than the bottom half and just looks strange. The back is glossy like the rest of the system and I would have liked to have seen a flat textured back like the DSixl. On the back you can see the screws which detracts from the sleek look they were going for, and the top cartridge  slot looks like metal on both models, but is just painted plastic.

3ds card slot

This thing is small, which is hard to get used to if you are coming from the DSixl like I am. The 3ds fits into my old DSi case and actually seems a little smaller. I would have liked to seen it a little bigger (with my adult hands and all.) but I am sure the big N is working on that for 3DSxl.

mii maker screen

SLIDERS SLIDERS SLIDERS EVERYWHERE ARE BACK! you get one for the 3d, volume and the wifi! Which this time around is much much easier to access which is a HUGE improvement over previous models.

3ds and ar cards

The circle pad feels really really nice, much better than the psp thumb numb. but its placement really hurts the D-pad. Using the D-pad feels more natural in menu navigation, but feels bad due to its corner placement under the circle pad. Playing Street Fighter 4 3d I keep wanting to use the D-pad but can’t due to the awful placement, and the circle pad does not feel right either, which I hope Nintendo finds a way to make both feel more natural in future games.

Home button

The select. home, and Start buttons at the bottom of the screen might take a bit to get used to. I keep wanting to hit the power button to exit apps, and for select. Hopefully nothing a little time with the system will not fix.


The Screens are different sizes, which is not as distracting as I thought. Considering I am concentrating on the top for the 3d I see why I might not pay attention to the size difference. What I do pay attention to however is just how small both screens feel. Things feel a bit cramped at times, in both games and 3ds menu navigation.

mARio AR cARd figure action ( see what I did there?)

The Verdict:

Overall the new 3Ds seems solid, with some flaws. The 3d effect totally works and is a huge WOW factor, and will be fun showing off to friends, but its obvious the 3d was shoehorned in. ( not to mention Nintendo admitted 3d was a last second feature) After a few hours you will be turning that 3d all the way OFF, and perhaps be taking Advil for the headaches.

3ds can read more than one character AR card

The Battery in this is no joke. Nintendo wants you to take this machine with you like you do your phone, they use incentives like street pass, and the pedometer coin system, mii collecting for mii plaza  to keep it in your pocket. Whats the point with a 3-4 hour battery life? Its going to take all the power saving tricks in the world to keep this going through a school or work day, a definite NO NO.

You can rotate and change character poses!(actual pic from a 3ds )

The 3ds has no online store, so you will have to wait to get all those old GameBoy games you have been drooling over. Why they would not want to have a store ready for millions of eager new 3ds owners is beyond me. It also seems the internet browser is missing, but considering Nintendo’s past with horrible browsers , I am most likely not missing anything.

More poses!

Much like the DS I think it is just going to take sometime for this system to reach its full potential, This is not a day one buy, with lacking features and lackluster game lineup. What the console comes packed with does pack a punch, and offers tons of fun, and plenty of gee whizz moments. We give 3ds a B+  Now give me my Marios!

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