Next Gen Handhelds: The Breakdown.

Sony PSP2/PSP3/NGP/whatever they are going to call it.


Price: 300 to a million dollars….this is Sony after all.

Pros: PS3 graphics, 5 inch OLED capacitive multi touch screen which means amazing rez so those next gen graphics will look beautiful, and no stylus when you are in the middle of game play. Twin true analog sticks. Innovative back touch pad that Sony showed off playing Little Deviants that let you interact with a game in a way I have never see before. Front and rear camera, Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope,
three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass. Bluetooth, gps, wi-fi, and 3g. Sony Suite support! If you wanna do it, you can with this Ferrari of portables.

Cons: Lets face it Sony’s hand held support is next to awful, if you bought a PSP go you know all about that. Sony is going after a lot of audiences here, They of course want a chunk in that upcoming 3ds market, and i phone market. With the NGP being capable of just about everything, the cost of this thing could be the deal breaker, along with the cost of development on the games. Current console games cost around 25 million to develop an “OK” title, even more for those AAA block busters. So if this thing is capable of PS3 graphics that means studios could be looking at 25 million for a handheld title? Which means games for this thing could cost 60 big old dollars, and that price could potentially kill off a studio if a title flops, or push developers to competing portable consoles like iphone,ipod,ipad,and 3ds. Sony needs to have that Apple app store to bring in low cost titles that are more casual, and to reinforce a divided price point strategy to lure in those more casual gammers who are afraid of the price that this thing could bring, but as history has proven Sony has a way to go with any type of online support for their handheld.

The Breakdown: It was smart of Sony to announce this thing in the middle of all the 3ds hoopla. Not only did Sony pick a good time to announce, it actually offered a compelling product with many features gamers have been clamoring for. The price is going to be key, not only the price of the system but for the games as well, as Apple has disrupted the market which has left Sony and Nintendo scrambling to find an answer to the .99 cent and up price point for mobile games. Also this system along with the 3ds asks the question is this the experience gamers are looking for on a handheld? Would I want to play a AAA type game on the go? Or would I end up on the couch playing Uncharted on my NGP when I could just play it on my PS3? Either way Sony has actually offered a compelling piece of hardware that lets me do things in gaming I never have before.

Nintendo 3Ds


Price: $249.99

Pros: 3d screen with no glasses, all while keeping the DS form factor that everyone has grown to love, with the addition of a thumb numb. Gamecube/Wii graphics in the palm of your hands. Promise of a revamped online store and better online support, and the good ole first party Nintendo titles with the characters and gameplay innovation you have come to expect over the years. Three cameras and gyroscopes for motion gameplay.

Cons: Although Nintendo promises better DS ware support, the new Nintendo store for game downloads for the 3DS will not be available at launch. The screen is not exactly state of the art when it comes to resolution either, not even comparing to the last generation iphone screen, and this could be an issue considering the screen will be pushing 3d on top of more powerful graphics. Nintendo also decided to pass up the capacitive touch screen to once again go with the resistive touch screen of all pervious models, which means you do not want to keep up with that stylus again. (its the future here Nintendo! get ya screens right!) which has already become notably problematic for many trying out some of the new 3ds games….speaking of. The launch line up leaves a bit to be desired, and with the rumor that these games could cost $40-$50 the 3DS is running into the same dev cost problem that the new Sony handheld is looking at, but instead of developers running to Sony, they could easily run from Nintendo to go make games on the cheaper iphone platform.

The Breakdown: The 3DS stirs up some of the same skepticism that the DS did five years ago, which means the 3DS will more than likely win the world over all over again. But the biggest issue is the 3ds screen. Is the 3d anything more than a gimmick? are games just going to shoehorn 3d in and have nothing to do with gameplay? Nintendo has not really answered these questions. Most games 3d feature can be turned off, so are we paying for neat trick the screen can do? Is 3d the future of gaming?(nope) are you as sick of the term 3d as I am?(yup) Hopefully Nintendo realizes that Apple has become a true competitor in the handheld space, more so than even Sony . Because I got tired of buying a $30 dollar games on my DSi xl to later find it on my ipod for .99 cents. Which is why my DS library is a total 7 games, and my ipod is full.

Apple iphone,ipod,ipad.

iphone 4

price: $199-$500

Pros: The app store is perhaps the easiest way to buy games on any platform outside of Steam. Want a game, look it up on the device, download the free version, and then if you like it buy it right off the store…easy. All of these devices are super easy to use and get more powerful on a yearly basis. TONS of games for every type of gamer, ranging from rpg, to classic remakes, casual puzzles, its all here. affordable games, you can get some titles that cost $30 on other platforms . These devices also do way more than just game, and unlike Sony and Nintendo they do them well. Its easy to use, download and covert all types of media on the portable apple devices.

CONS: The app store for all its good is almost impossible to find all the types of games it has to offer easily. Most people cycle and download the top 10 sometimes for months, so searching for gems can be difficult. For all its ease, the ouch screen can get in the way of gaming.. literally with thumbs and fingers always on screen, its easy t get in the way of the action, as some developers look to port titles and add on on screen button interfaces. Apple also does not develop games, so sometimes if you are just craving a God of War, or Mario title, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

The Breakdown: Apple is everywhere, and so are you. iphone/ipod, are the best way to have your cake and eat it too as a device that you can game on and use for every thing else.Though all the games are not on this platform yet, there are many must haves here you can not find on the others. Besides its also less embarrassing to be in public playing games on your iphone, because at least someone can assume you are checking your email.

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