TCN’s top Games of 2010 and Game of the year.

2010 was an amazing year for video gamers. We saw big titles that are usually held for fall release spread through out the year, making it hard to keep up. This is The Closet Nerd’s list of some of the top games I was playing through 2010, leading up to our pick of Game of the year.

7.Infinity Blade(iphone/ipod touch)

Yeah thats on iphone!

This one just came out for iphone and ipod touch, but if this came out in 2011, I am sure it would pop on my list still. This game has a mix of point and click style gameplay, with RPG, and hack and slash elements. This game looks like a next gen title in the palm of your hand all for SIX BUCKS! The level up system is fun and the sword game play is very addictive, and the visuals are amazing! I have never thought I could have this kind of gaming experience on an iphone, and the fact that I did just proves as we move into 2011, the mobile gaming landscape is indeed changing.

5.Dance Central(xbox 360 Kinect)

you will not look this cool playing this.

Sure the music genre is dying, sure this is a dance game, sure its for Kinect, but this was a fun new way to play! Dance Central hands down was the go to game in the Kinect launch. From the start menu you know right away you are in for something different, and thats what gamers of all kinds crave.Sure you feel dumb at first, but all the fun this title offers far out weights the embarrassment  of droppin it to Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It.

4.Tilt to Live ( iphone/ipap/ipod touch)

This is what crack looks like! sweet sweet nose bleeds!

This game has been my Jam since it came out. You see me waiting in line, I’m tilt’n. See me on break at work, I’m tilt’n. Between classes, I’m tilt’n I LOVE THIS GAME. Tilt to Live is simple and addicting, this was the game I sank more hours into than any other this year.

3.Super Meat Boy (xbox live/pc)

punishing and I loved it.

This game was punishing and I loved it! SMB pays homage to the 8bit era  of gaming with punishing platforming. You have to precisely time jumps, memorize pitfalls, slide up walls , down walls, avoid saws, and unlock secret worlds.You will die a lot, but the way SMB automatically restarts the player is what keep the momentum going, and seeing all your failed attempts at once at the end of the level is super satisfying. I crave platformers and this meaty bad boy more than satisfied that craving. One of the best downloadable titles on Xbox this year, hands down.

2.Red Dead Redemption (xbox/ps3)

This is where we start making hard decisions. This game being number two on my game of the year list was tough, but being number 2 comes down to one point. I DID NOT FINISH THIS GAME. I fell into the old Rockstar/GTA pattern. I get gamer A.D.D. at the expansive worlds and endless possibilities in the world, as a result I sort of forget story progression, or get angry that I have been doing hours of pointless side missions. Regardless , Red Dead is a feast for the senses. Though its the GTA4 engine, this games shines. Riding your horse across the vast dessert immerses you in the setting like very few games can. I am not a fan of westerns, but this game impressed me and made me long to be a cowboy. Descent writing, believable characters, stunning visuals, amazing score, and hours and hours of game play make Red Dead Redemption a must play experience.

1.Alan Wake(Xbox)

Alan Wake also perfected Product placement!

Not quite the underdog, but definatly a darling. My pick for game of the year 2010 is Alan Wake. Alan Wake is one of the best games many have not played. When Alan Wake was set to release, Red Dead Redemption moved its release date right on top of Alan Wake’s. Remedy studios (games developer) decided that moving the games release after a long developing cycle might hurt the sales, boy were they wrong. Red Dead Redemption sucked the life out of all the other games released that week, and Alan Wake was just another victim.

Alan Wake for me resonated due to my love for horror movies, and the game industry lack of new horror titles. Alan wake is like playing an episode of the Twilight Zone, and you get to control the character and make those last second choices that you usually scream out during a horror movie.When I started this game it just stuck with me, I could not put it down until I beat it.

The games unique game mechanic that had Alan fighting off ghost like shadow people by using light. The world of Alan Wake feels so real, with its beautiful graphics ( Some of the best I have seen) and haunting sounds. The attention to detail  is amazing in the environments and aid in the immersion. The game is tense and no other experience this year made me feel as though I was actually in those woods fighting for my life.

This game was far from perfect, strange facial animation, and a sometimes less than thrilling story  could sometimes distract, butt no other game this year stuck with me or got me thinking about stocking up on batteries like Alan Wake.

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