Flying Attack R/C Megazord Review. Do not buy edition.

So It might be a bit early to be getting presents for Chirstmas already, but a good friend picked up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flying megazord for me, and although this was not something I had planned on adding to my collection, I happily accepted.

This should have been the 2010 Power Morpher. SIGH

First off, out of the box this thing feels fragile. The Megazord figure itself is about 4 or 5 inches tall and is made out of Styrofoam, and considering this is a flying and mostly “crashing” toy feels a bit sketchy from the start. The figure is poorly painted for those accurate collectors, but what do you expect from Bandai America these days? The chest has a LED light charge port and on and off switch.

The remote is sturdy and required 6 AA batteries. The remote has a throttle control, steering control, channel switch  and a trimming control switch. The remote contains a charging cord that is housed in a compartment where you will find the MMPR 2010 logo sticker slapped on top.

The dramatic reenactment of me playing with this toy.

Playing with the toy.

I am not really versed in flying R/C toys, so this was a little bit to adjust to. The directions say to lightly adjust throttle to get lift off and you should be able to adjust power to control Megazord….this was not the case. The throttle really needs to be all the way to get the toy to lift off the ground, which leads to fast crashes, with no time to adjust throttle or Trimming for balance, and because the megazord is so top heavy due to where the motor is place, the toy always flys frantically forward into walls or whatever else stands in its way.

Really I knew this was going to be awful, (WHY BANDAI WHY?) but it was worth a shot, by pass this $44 piece of crap and buy yourself the reissue 2010 Megazord or Titanus if your a ranger fan. If your not a Ranger fan but into flying R/C toys, get an air hogs toy or something that at least resembles a aircraft of sorts. Still another reason why MMPR fans are left scratching their heads at the 2010 MMPR line of toys. Why did they skip out of the basics like , Original Power Morpher, Dragon Zord, Rita figure, or 6 inch figures, and replace it with gimmick toys like this flying turd, and those Ben 10 mix and match toys is beyond me.

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