Five games that made me wish I had a Wii

I was one of the first to pick up Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii video game console, but after a few months I quickly realized that Nintendo was not offering me the experiences I wanted, with its family oriented mini game collections.

Now that the Wii is five years old, Nintendo has really put out those Nintendo developed games that everyone loves, by remaking classics, and reinventing them here are some of the games that make me wish I still had my Wii.

Mario Galaxy Series

Mario Galaxy

EVERYONE loves Mario, most gamers grew up with him, and he came to Wii in a big way  by turning the standard platforming mario game on its head by using gravity and mixed up physics, these games are some of the best 3d Mario games since Mario64, and really make me wish I was able to explore planets and collect stars.

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart games are some of my favorite that Nintendo has to offer, and is half the reason I bought a DSi in the first place. The only draw back to this one is you have to hold the controller like a steering wheel which gets old fast, I wish I could hook up the classic controller, but with all new Nintendo themed courses and new Kart racers really hurts me to know that I am missing out on this Nintendo staple.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Seeing a pattern yet? If Nintendo does anything well, its Mario games. Taking inspiration from the New Super Mario brothers game that was released on DS previously, New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii also takes you back to the NES/SNES days with a classic side scrolling  Mario that everyone loves, except they added simultaneous multiplayer. Now you can jump off other players heads to make the ledge, and steal power ups as you move through the levels. Just another reason to keep those living room rivalries alive!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Ahhh, I remember playing Donkey Kong Country on a bunk bed with my brother, under the watchful eyes of my Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Posters. Donkey Kong Country Returns is another Remake (of sorts) of another classic Nintendo title. Its basically the Game you remember from SNES, All the banana collecting, bird fighting, rope swinging adventure  you can stand in this 2d side scrolled plat former.  The Wii of course has you shaking and wagging controls, which takes the feel of the classic out a bit, and makes you wish the classic controller was supported, but still this game makes me wish I had a Wii, or at least makes me wish my SNES was hooked up.

Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition

Make no mistake, Wii or not come December 12th I will have this game. I have two copies of it anyway, one copy is the regular All Starts that was released for the SNES, and the other is All Stars with Super Mario World for the SNES. I would not mind trying these out on a Wii but the chance is if you own a Wii you Probally bought these on virtual console some time ago, but who would pass up a chance to play some classic Mario titles again? for me the value is in the booklet with concept sketched and level designs, and brief history on Mario, and the cd soundtrack that will be sure fun blasting to annoy those pesky neighbors.

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