Thanksgiving Horror movie round up.

So Instead of feasting on turkey this thanksgiving holiday, I got the pleasure of being sick all thanksgiving weekend. So I took this as an opportunity to catch on and old favorite pastime of mine, which is watching horror movies.

Lets get this straight, I will not watch just any horror movie. I am not a fan of many modern horror movies, for many reasons. Remakes, over the top gore, Michale Myer rip offs, Jason rips offs, over sexualized garbage, and every one of the SAW movies.

So I fired up the Netflix on the old xbox 360 and decided to see what came up.

Survival of the Dead

Zombies are everywhere these days, they are totally the new pirate. Zombie movies are my very favorite, I grew up on all the George Romero Zombie flicks. Survival of the Dead is the 6th film in Romero’s …Of The Dead series. Day of the dead, and Dawn of the Dead are classics. Day of the Dead , Land of the Dead did not meet expectations. Diary of the Dead was heading the series back in the right direction, but Survival leads the bus right back into crap town.

Survival has a promising beginning, it puts two families in the philosophical zombie battle of all time. Do we destroy all the zombies, or preserve them in hopes of a cure? Romero had a knack for interlacing subtle social commentary into his films, and at this point he is beating it into the users head with a shovel. Over the past few films Romero is really trying to get us to sympathize with the zombies. WE GET IT, WE ARE THE MONSTERS TOO! THE ZOMBIES ARE NOT THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT! WE WILL DESTROY OURSELVES! The acting is sub par, the over use of sub par digital effects takes you right out of the story…and the story takes you right out of your chair and right into doing something better with your time. Until Romero just takes it back to basics, I say you just get your fix by tuning into The Walking Dead on AMC.

one and half decapitaed heads out of five.

Dead Girl

Dead Girl is a little more than a horror movie. Part zombie movie part macabre romance, that centers around two boys who skip school one day and find a girl on a hospital gurney . The boys believe the girl is dead only to discover she is undead. This movie is not so much gory as it deals with disturbing imagery of lets say macabre romantic situations. This movie was not as bad as it sounds. The story drags on a bit,and its a bit predictable at times but the suspense is here in this movie, the horror is not generated through over the top gore. This is definitely a twist on the zombie genre if you are looking for something new in what is becoming a watered down crowded genre, check this one out.

three and a half decapitated heads out of five

The Human Centipede


This was the best out of the three I watched. this movie has had a huge buzz for its absurd disturbing plot. I found myself laughing hard at this movies absurdity, yet I found it refreshing in many ways. The antagonist is hilariously creepy, like a bizzaro world Neo with a German accent with a pleasure for flesh. This movie has been criticized by many for its over the top and absurd concept of sewing people together to make a human centipede, calling it juvenile  and  over the top. I wonder if these are the same people who bought tickets to all five of the over the top, gore laced, unimaginative SAW movies. This movie has little gore but huge shock factor that I think would be a fun movie to set and watch with some unsuspecting friends. This is a good movie if you like to laugh at the absurd and laugh at all that is wrong with the world.

four decapitated heads out of  five.

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