Upcoming Video Plans

As soon as we started going over video in class, my head began to race. I am not a film maker by any means, I barley know how to use the camera for anything other than pointing and shooting, but I am a creative person and have many ideas churning.

With the podcast I had fun, but I did not feel very creative with it, and it shows. It was a run of the mill video game podcast. I loved doing, and plan on doing more, but with video I really want to get creative with it.

I Do a monthly comedic web show  based on video game characters, so I have that covered, but I think i would like to channel the horror movie geek within me. I grew up on horror movies of all types, Zombie flicks are my favorite , but I think doing a zombie video would be too easy.

I have always been a fan of the horror of isolation, and am a fan of using powerful imagery. I have a fairly fleshed out idea…nothing gory, something simple….quiet. I would go into more but that would spoil it. I will start story boards this week…and with that back to playing Red Dead.

The Nerd

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