Video Game Podcasts: The friend you never have to meet.

Every major video game website has a video game podcast. Matter of fact  podcasts are where I get most of my review information, news, and opinion from the journalists I trust. Over time, you do not just plug in and listen to these podcasts, you learn to relate to these people, and trust their opinions. Listeners can go to your podcasts weekly and get caught up on news and reviews, you can refer to articles on your site to direct your listeners back to it. Listeners can get to know your tastes and relate, and either follow your recommendations or learn to stay clear. The problem with podcasts for major sites, is that is almost impossible to monetize them, you can only track your downloads which can be misleading for advertisers because it is impossible to track if a listener listens to the entire show. It also takes away journalists from doing actual work on the site.

But for me I think a podcast could complete the circle. the challenge would be not having to rely on it for weekly content as a crutch. Using the the podcast for special events, or to discuss major happenings as it relates to new major releases would be better for what I am trying to achieve rather than weekly recapping news and reviews.

I have recorded many times for the bands I have played in, and have become accustomed with the microphone. The major challenge for me will be editing, I have no idea how to edit audio, and anything I learn I plan on using for the podcast and for my video game based comic/rap group that I have turned into an animated cartoon, but have stalled on because I know nothing about audio editing.

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