Print Review: Gameinformer


Gameinformer in the 1990's


Once upon a time, before computers were in every home, before iPhone, and iPads were everywhere, people had to read to get their information, and sometimes they even did it for entertainment.

Game Informer Is one of the longest running and one of the few remaining video game publishings left. Granted, Game Informer is owned by Game Stop Inc. the biggest Game retailer in the nation, and is sold to customers as  a perk for their exclusive  Game Stop membership program. Either way a magazine sold is a magazine sold. Game Informer has almost 3 million subscribers and is the 12th largest publication in the nation, But Game Informers unique situation means its gets to break all the rules of a publication, especially with  its covers which are stylistically exciting and artful.


example of Game Informers new stylistic covers.


I must admit I get most of my game information online from sites like, and, but I still have a subscription to Game Informer. What really kept my subscription was the complete redesign in November 2009. The covers eliminated the typical magazine cover layout. There are no headlines, no previews of what is inside, no turn to pg 66 to check out the latest game. Just a simple san serif font that matches the theme of the cover that expands into one big picture once unfolded. GI even dropped all the glossy paper, including the glossy cover in favor of matte pages. (no more licking fingers!!!)


example of GI's panoramic covers.


GI’s articles are very pleasing to both readers who love looking at pictures and to those who still enjoy the ancient art of reading. GI often intertwines words with the action of the game characters and screen shots, every pages matches the theme of the article  down to colors of the pages, font types, and the way the pictures are placed through the pages. As someone who has created and enjoyed art for years, these elements are some of the most enjoyable for me, to see how they craft articles with all the graphics, colors, font types, and placements is sometimes a work of art, and is obvious that a lot of time on artistic consideration goes into this magazine every month.


Gi article.

Game Informer is entertaining though it is not where I get most of my Game info, I find that some of the freedoms it enjoys by being owned by a retail giant allows GI to combine art, theme, style, in a very modern,and thoughtful way.


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