I’M ON A BOAT! Kinect edition.

Xbox 360 plans to get into the motion control arena this November 4th with their Kinect 3D inferred motion sensor camera. Kinect mounts to your TV and when connected to your Xbox 360 allows players to actually interact with their games using their body, much like the Wii, but with no controller at all.  Many third party companies are scrambling to help recreate the Nintendo Wii’s mainstream success by selling you things you do not need for your Kinect camera. Wii baseball would not be baseball with out that useless plastic attachment right? How is grandma supposed to know when she is playing tennis or bowling without the little useless attachment to the controller? Why sell tires to a person who just bought a hover car? Because this is America, and the race to sell you tires has begun.

This is the Kinect  boat by Playon for the Kinect Adventures game that is bundled with the camera. In one of the many Kinect Adventures mini game collections you ride a boat, and whats a better way to immerse yourself in those 5 minutes than to buy an actual boat to put in your living room. At least you will have something to but your Rock Band drum set in. FINALLY!


Now when you say I'M ON A BOAT! you can mean it....cause its sadly an actual boat.


So what else could we have possibly littering our closests right beside your Guitar Hero kits, Wii balance boards, and mounds of plastic useless add ons? Lets imagine shall we?


The Kinect gun!


Kinect Gun: Now DON’T freak out! This would not be a real gun, it would not even shoot water, matter a fact the camera would not even pick it up, but it will cost $29.99 (This is a stick up)


3d poop action!


Kinect Litter Box: You can not have your Kinectimals dropping number twos in your living room floor, sure they don’t poop, sure they really don’t run around in your house, but $29.99 says you can’t simply bury this deal.


kinectimals final resting place.


Kinect coffin: You are going to need a resting place for all those Kinectimals when you eventually stop taking care of them, cause you decided to do other things. Its the digital pet all over again. $19.99 (pre order at Gamestop  promotion perhaps?)


full scale or inflatable!


Kinect wrestling RING: Are you ready to rumble? Why not? Kinect is bound to have a few fighting games, Im sure boxing is a game on Kinect Sports, or use this for Fighters Uncaged, it comes in two options. full size scale rng that fits in your living room or get the inflatable version for more casual play.$1,000 for the full scale or $500 for the inflatable one. ( bet you can not fight off this deal.)

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