In celebration! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Game box art.

The new long over due 3D Castlevania game hit the shelves today. I unfortunately   was in class and at work today so I had to skip the launch, but I now have a project for fall break. Regress completely and play this game for hours and get a review up on here.

It is no secret I personally have ties with this series. I and some of my friends are in a Castlevaina (comedy) rap group, I do comics , and web shows, and our first full length cd is available on Seventh Sea Records.

So in honor of this long awaited game I present you with episode two of my castlevania themed rap groups webshow entitled Grimula’s symphony of Advice Episode two. I warning to you, THIS IS GRAPHIC, USES GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, AND WHAT SOME MAY CONSIDER TO BE SICK AND PERVERSE SITUATIONS. (just how we like it!!!) But its all in good fun but you have been warned. Do not watch if you are easily offended please.

Link to our site

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