New in Town! Eternal Gaming.(first Impressions)

So I was leaving subway the other day and when I was about to leave the parking lot something caught my eye. It was a new video game store that read in big blue letters Eternal Gaming, so I got excited and put my lunch on hold to go inside and see what this new sore had to offer….and from what I saw, eternal may be an ironic name choice.

I have worked in retail for five years, and am minoring in marketing and as a business you HAVE to make a good first impression, and you only have seconds to do so, and that is as soon as a customer hits the door. I walked in and none of the three clerks setting around in chairs said a word to me. Maybe a  hello, muffled and muttered in between sentences among coworkers. No one stood up to greet me, explain why I should spend my money there, what they had to offer, if they do trade ins, had opening specials,customer incentives, or tell me about the Halo tournament they have been advertising on the radio. So first impression are not looking so good.

The store was bare. I understand its new but why open and have your shelves empty, empty shelves are a turn off at any retailer, big or small, and are huge policies most retailers have. Empty shelves look bad and send the customer the message we do not have what you need.Even if this was all the stock you had , merchandising would help. Price tags for games were hidden in the bottom corners of boxes, and I saw some older titles that had been marked down at other retailers were setting on the shelf for full price. Some games did not have a price on them at all, and as I walked around the store no store associate offered to talk to me or ask me for help.

Bowling Green is a growing metro, still small in comparison to Nashville,  but has a big  population that includes a huge college crowd that plays games. In bowling Green you have a Game Stop, Eb Games, Target, two Walmarts, K-mart, and A Toys r Us to compete with, and as a small local business you need to establish a dedicated customer base that are willing to return for the incentives your store offers, wither its better customer service, better price, more selection, store events, trade ins, but it has to be something.

From my experience with the three minuets I spent inside Eternal Gaming I would say its not long before its another building for lease.(I hope not)The Ironic part is that this day I just happen to stumble on a new game store, I had planned to buy a new $300  Xbox 360 slim.  I would have been more than willing to pick it up at Eternal Gaming that day, support a new local business, but I walked out, ate my lunch, and got it at Walmart.

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