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Evolution of the game controller.

With the Kinect launch for Xbox 360 just around the corner we take an in depth look on the evolution of the video game controller. Advertisements

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Print Review: Gameinformer

    Once upon a time, before computers were in every home, before iPhone, and iPads were everywhere, people had to read to get their information, and sometimes they even did it for entertainment. Game Informer Is one of the longest … Continue reading

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I’M ON A BOAT! Kinect edition.

Xbox 360 plans to get into the motion control arena this November 4th with their Kinect 3D inferred motion sensor camera. Kinect mounts to your TV and when connected to your Xbox 360 allows players to actually interact with their games … Continue reading

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow review: Get’n Whipped!

I was not not sure what to expect when going into Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Going in it was one of those moments where your hopes are high and low at the same time.  Looking at this game I was … Continue reading

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In celebration! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

The new long over due 3D Castlevania game hit the shelves today. I unfortunately   was in class and at work today so I had to skip the launch, but I now have a project for fall break. Regress completely and play this game … Continue reading

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New in Town! Eternal Gaming.(first Impressions)

So I was leaving subway the other day and when I was about to leave the parking lot something caught my eye. It was a new video game store that read in big blue letters Eternal Gaming, so I got … Continue reading

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