Warm Fuzzy Apocalypse.

I love zombies. When I was a kid my Dad set me right in front of George Romero’s Night Of the Living Dead, from there I grew to love zombie movies.  I own every Romero zombie movie and then some. I also play a lot of video games with zombies in them, the Resident Evil series, Dead Rising, and Left 4 Dead. There is something about this post apocalyptic world that just excites me! The empty streets, empty buildings, malls, shops, restaurant, and schools all abandoned. All these places where the living used to flock all empty….just empty. (Not much of a change if you think about it.)

Sometime ago My girlfriend and I found this old abandoned church from the sixties, and we decided to take pictures. The church had everything left in it, song books, bibles, pianos, and even the electric organ. All of it was there decaying, like someone took all the people away. Like the dead rose from their graves, and all the people fled. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like I was a kid again watching horror movies, or walking around in a game. So I took the photos and made some background music to set the mood.(Cello,Minor scale in D)Enjoy!

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