website designs:Its Morphin Time edition!

The Power Rangers summon good design taste on the interwebz!

All types of design intrigue me. I geek out to logos, cd designs, t-shirts, anything and everything mundane. But if there is anything that can really make me vomit all over my laptop its a really bad looking website.

If I am like most people, I see websites more than anything in a given day. I get on about twenty or more websites a day. but nothing can turn you off more is an unattractive website. Todays post is supposed to discuss website design , and discuss about they have been effectively executed….So I am going to do that, but nerd it up a bit.

Who does not remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? The Power Rangers were owned by Saban brands Inc.To the disappointed to fans, In 2003 The Power Rangers franchise was sold to Disney. Just to bring things back full circle the Power Rangers were bought back by the original creators Saban brands Inc this year.

So I took a look at both of the companies websites and decided to compare and try to figure out over all which was a more effective website.

First lets look at the Old Disney website.

The Disney website for me is a mixed bag. It has definitive fleshed out theme. when you enter the site it gives you this little authorization sequence  that kids and older fans could be into, it asks for your favorite ranger color and asks you to enter your name before it lets you into the website. Once you get there the website has interactive menus and sound effects, which is ties in the theme, but uses a lot of flash. if you do not have descent internet connection or have a older computer you may not get the optimized intended experience on this site.

Really looking at this site you notice the colors are pretty dark for a site for children, and after navigating the site I found The site lacked some info in some of the links, some sections of the site were empty and sometimes hard to navigate. If you were a kid, you would almost have to get a parent to figure out what was what .You could use the site map link( that is about as boring as a glass of water, and when you click links on the site it takes you right back in to the flash heavy noise making website, and even through the site map I found empty links.

Now lets look at the New Saban Brands site.

First I notice the nice url, not really a design perk, but its not like its disneygo,//power;’ right? Nice and simple. The site is super bright and crisp using a lot of modern design trends, like very plain fonts, and glossy buttons. I even notice the Facebook and twitter buttons for Power Rangers which I find hilarious. But everything is bright and sectioned off into easy to navigate and understand section, which I find attractive, and I believe a kid would too.(OMG !BRIGHT COLORS!!)

Navigating through the site I notice the site has almost all the same info as the Disney site, a lot of the same character bios, games, and extras,but I did not find any empty links. The new site is using some flash, but nowhere near as much as the Disney site, meaning you will not have as much trouble getting an optimized experience. The biggest change is that the site centralizes all the info onto one page, it has news updates in a section on the front page, along with big sections for game, downloads, and new videos.

The big draw back for all this big sectioned out centralized page is it does not really have that nice creative theme that the Disney site had, but its a small price to pay for a user friendly experience. Over all I think the Saban brands Inc site is more effective. Its nice,clean, bright,and modern. Its easy to use and centralized, and a better place to get all your Power Ranger info, that is if that is something you are looking for? …, probably not. .

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