This would be the part of the book where I would talk about what may lie ahead. I might go on for a few boring paragraphs about some sort of research that brought me to the words that follow. I could share an anecdote that you would surely remember. Alas, I will not. To tell you the truth, I only have an Idea on where this may go, which is appropriate seeing I only have an idea on where I am going…but an idea IS what I have.

My friends are what some may call Nerds, dorks, or Geeks. They are into Magic the gathering, World of Warcraft , Star Wars, Star Trek, comics and D&D…all of which I could care less about. I never quite fit in, I was always more interested in the art on the cards, or in their D&D books, the advertising and strange franchising for Star Wars, and the over the top art in comics. I was always into things that were not quite geeky enough, My friends called me a chic geek. Even among misfits I am a misfit.

See I do not like anything that one would really consider “normal”  Lets take a look shall we?

  • I love zombie movies. ( not so bad.)
  • My first career choice was death care, I collect” funeralbilia”
  • I get excited when a brand changes their logo.
  • I follow the video game industry like no ones business. I love the branding, the marketing, all the way to box art and magazine ads.
  • I have an xbox 360, but play my old Super Nintendo more.
  • I rap in a band based on Castlevania characters.(We also do an advice webshow)
  • I am obsessed with “tech”
  • I collect Mighty Morphin Power Rangers merchandise. ( which was normal when I was SEVEN.)
  • I sometimes read the dictionary.
  • I often find myself reviewing things for my friends. Things like music, art, movies, games. All old and new.

wait now there is an idea…

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